Sleek, intuitive, powerful.
A comprehensive solution for
enterprise application development.

Create a secure, feature-rich, flexible & scalable, web-based enterprise database application without a formal data model.

Version (3.9 MB)
Includes sample applications
Requires IIS & .NET 4.0+

Dr. Dobb's: Warp-Speed Custom Database Apps
A tenfold productivity increase for custom designed database apps

Introducing dbiScript

Application Development is Hard

Major Software Projects
Extraordinarily Complex

As a result, they often fail or suffer from cost overruns and delayed deliveries. Even successfully implemented projects are encumbered with technical debt and are inflexible to business change.

dbiScript Makes it Easy

{ Intelligent }

We identified the root cause of the problems faced by enterprise application developers and crafted technology to fix it. Our ‘relational brain’ handles the full relational model of the application throughout the entire development cycle. The A.I. continuously adapts the GUI to the application as it is built.

This enabling technology allows development to begin immediately without the need for a clear understanding of the application's full requirements. Clarity is achieved as the application evolves, actualizing the holy grail of a truly adaptive development process.

{ Powerful }

dbiScript's ‘relational engine’ transforms the potential of its ‘relational brain’ into a real-world powerhouse by leveraging JavaScript and .NET as key technologies and providing full support for Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere and MS Access.

The benefits of the relational engine extend into the advanced built-in search functionality and group security profiles. These features combine with the 30 native field objects to deliver powerful, highly customizable and feature-rich enterprise applications.

{ Sleek }

We've paid attention to the details in all aspects of the user interface. The rendered interface is sleek and intuitive. The functionality provided by each field object has been honed to provide an exceptional browser-agnostic user experience.

Our obsession with perfection has a practical purpose. The return on your investment in a dbiScript application can be measured not only by the cost savings realized in development but also in increased user satisfaction and productivity.

Get Ready to Excel

is the
Complete Solution

The relational engine along with the adaptive process which it enables slashes the risk, complexity and cost associated with business application development, delivering higher quality, more powerful and dynamic software which takes less effort to create and maintain.

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